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Networking Solutions

At Britannia IT Solutions, we provide our clients with reliable networking solutions to promote collaboration, scalability, remote accessibility, and flexibility. No matter the challenge, we’re up to IT support!

Connect with Confidence with our 100% Reliable Networking Solutions

Cloud convergence integration allows you to access your business resources anytime, anywhere, so you can stay connected on the go! And our networking solutions can do this and so much more for you!



Our networking solutions include LAN, WAN, direct internet access (DIA), WiFi networks, and cloud integration. LAN and WAN allow you to connect devices to form a network for quick access and sharing purposes. Also, we provide cloud convergence integration, which means you can store all your data securely in one place and access it quickly and easily. This can also prevent unauthorised data access, so you won’t have to worry too much about privacy breaches. And if you are concerned about data integrity, we can assure you that data security is always a priority for us. Our specialised engineers go above and beyond to keep your confidential data safe.

Why Choose Us?
  • Reliable
  • Compatible
  • Scalable

Our networking solutions include stable connectivity, cloud integration, adaptability to technologies, and scalable infrastructure for your evolving business needs – we’ll grow with you!

Integrate data into the cloud with our secure, scalable, and flexible infrastructure - here’s how we can help:

We provide dependable networking solutions to enable uninterrupted access to data, applications, spreadsheets, documents, and anything else you might need! Our connections are reliable, so you won’t be locked out of the network in the name of downtime. You can easily access any data or information instantly on the cloud.

Our networking solutions streamline communication and digital operations to help you boost productivity. Since data accessibility is quick and easy, your workflows will not be interrupted. Your employees can keep working without having to rush to IT for data access and connectivity issues every few hours. We make sure that you are always connected to your network(s) and your business process won’t be disrupted.

Cloud integration allows your employees to access company data from any device on the go. Our networking solutions include data storage, integration, and cloud-based app usage. We want your data to be easily and instantly accessible to you and only you. This means that while data is available to you at the tap of a finger, it is still secure enough to avoid potential leaks.

Scalability is critical for SMEs, which is why our networking solutions ensure scalability to accommodate the expanding needs of your organisation. This means that network and infrastructure integration come without the usual downtime. So, your performance and security will not be risked. We understand how critical time is for businesses, and we would never want to put you at risk – you don’t have to worry about IT!

New technologies shouldn’t mean an entirely new infrastructure. If you need to change your entire IT infrastructure and cabling every time you’re integrating a new technology into your system, you’ll likely experience extended periods of downtime. This means less time being productive and more time waiting around for your things to work out – and that’s literally a business nightmare! So, we provide networking solutions that are focused, adaptable, flexible, and amenable to new technologies.