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Structured Cabling Services

Structured cabling is like a carefully planned blueprint for your cabling system that ensures organization and reliability at all levels. Our team of technical experts can help you plan, organize, design, install, execute, and evolve according to your specific cabling needs.

Future-Proof Your IT Infrastructure to Avoid Downtime

Our business partners are constantly growing, which means they need to be scalable.­­­­ At the same time, they need a cabling system that supports transmission over long distances to ensure efficiency. Plus, this means they can expand more easily when they need to – which is obviously great! Still, the best part about structured cabling is definitely the fact that everything is systematically documented. So, you don’t have to dig around in all your wires and cables every time there’s an issue with one of them or if you’re looking to modify a certain connection point.

Businesses have one priority: their client. So, every time they spend money, they want to be sure that it’s somehow supporting their end goal by adding value for their customers. Now, cabling might not seem like something that directly affects the operations of all businesses, but the truth couldn’t be farther from this!

Cabling can be a real game changer because it literally controls digital operations within a business. Faulty cabling could actually shut down your business, even if temporarily. So, you better be safe than sorry and make your next investment where it really counts: structured cabling!

Why Choose Us?
  • Structured
  • Reliable
  • Future-Ready

Businesses are continuously growing and evolving, as are their cabling and technological needs. But if minor changes to your IT infrastructure demand a complete do-over – then it’s time you switched to structured cabling. We’ll help you personalize and future-proof your cabling system to tailor your unique business needs with the help of Cat6 cables, patch panels, data modules, and complete documentation.

Structured cabling can be a real differentiator for your organization. Get in touch with our team to develop a personalized cabling plan!

Our structured cabling service is designed to support data-intensive processes and applications for your business. We use Cat6 cables and patch panels to ensure that your connections are not interrupted, especially not for longer periods of time. This means that you can say goodbye to connectivity issues and enjoy smooth, seamless digital operations, at least so long as you have us as your technology partner!

We design and install cabling to minimize downtime in case of technical issues. We understand that even a day’s time can be a deal breaker for businesses in the extra competitive modern market. This means that no business, regardless of industry, can simply sit around and wait for technical issues to be resolved. They need instant solutions that are still reliable and worth the investment. Structured cabling is a great option because the documentation aspect makes problems easier to identify and eliminate. Not to mention, the structuring bit already makes it easier to navigate through the cabling system compared to regular cabling.

Patch panels, Cat6 cables, and data modules guarantee traceability and faster troubleshooting. What’s more, Cat6 cables allow transmitting 10GB of data over long distances, which means your operations will be faster and smoother. This is also perfect for when you want to expand since the system works for long distances, too.

With structured cabling, you get structure and documentation, which are indispensable for scaling and flexibility. This also makes your cabling somewhat flexible in the sense that you can change things more easily. We call this “future-proofing” because there’s room for changes in the future. At Britannia IT Solutions, we allow you to move devices, rewire, and adopt new technologies without worrying about a rigid IT infrastructure – because we’ll handle IT!

You don’t want to get your cabling done by just anybody. We say this because we’ve been through the rigour of accreditation and certifications. The system is stringent, and getting approval is not easy. This means that you should opt for a service that follows industry standards and has the right approach, tools, and accreditations to accommodate your cabling and infrastructure. Also, this serves as a kind of guarantee that the service you’re using is credible and that they really do know what they’re doing.

We’re an end-to-end service, so we won’t just install your cabling and leave. We’ll also intensively test and troubleshoot until we are satisfied with the quality. Quality is our identity, and we can never compromise it. So, if you’re working with us, you can at least rest assured that you will get what you paid for.